Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where Did I Go?

One of our readers, Gaye, left a message asking, "Where did you go?"  Thanks for asking!  I have been working on many things, kind of like Martha in the Mary and Martha story.  However, I'm not griping about it.  It has been a wonderfully rich time but I have been going in many directions. 

On the winemaking side of things I got myself a manually operated crusher-destemmer and it has made a great difference in the volume of grapes I can turn into wine.  This September I went to Rominger Brothers Vineyard in Winters, CA and picked about 160 lbs. each of Chardonnay and Syrah grapes.  It has yielded about 8 gallons of white and 10 gallons of red wine at this point.  I will lose some in further racking the wine, but it will produce many bottles of wine in the end.  Rominger Brothers is one of those vineyards that is happy to have amateurs buy grapes in smaller amounts.  So I appreciate their willingness to serve us. I'm a happy old winemaker!

I'm also working on several spiritual direction-related projects.  I'll be teaching a completely online course for continuing education through a seminary (Church Divinity School of the Pacific) on "Introduction to Spiritual Guidance Traditions" at the end of this month.  So I'm working hard to get the course all set up.  I've never done a course totally online before so it is a fun challenge to get to know the technology and think through this mode of building a learning community.  At the same time I'm facilitating an online peer supervision group in a new model to the group. 

I'm trying to market an online virtual dreamwork group--and am close to getting enough people but not quite there yet.  I love dream work and am really good at facilitating the group process.  So I hope to get it up and running sometime soon.  Plus, I have a day of workshops I'm co-teaching in Berkeley on group spiritual direction and a group model for discernment coming up this Friday.  So I am very busy.  Then I'm off visiting my family in Michigan very soon and going to my monastic community where I am an oblate--St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers, Michigan.  I hope to see lots of beautiful fall colors in Michigan in October. 

Thanks, Gaye, for calling me me back to you all.  Enjoy the autumn/harvest season, folks. 

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gmcwade said...

Bi-monthly blog? Okay! So what is stirring in your heart during this Advent season? How about, being pregnant was followed by Mary's pondering--not the other way around . . . Good wine requires well-tended grapes . . . or, . . . Sour grapes, it's easier to complain than give thanks . . . but who willing shares that wine? Whine? (Sorry:>))
Peace to you and yours.