Monday, August 9, 2010

Taste and See

The fullness of time began, and now continues, when I can share the wine and ale that I made!  The "Pentecost Red" pinot noir wine has turned out to be a luscious, full-bodied, deep wine.  It is an excellent wine!  The few bottles of "Pentecost Blush" were a bit sharp when I tasted it at bottling and I'm waiting for it to mature a while longer.  I had some problems using old yeast with the blush (shame on me) and that may have been a contributing factor.  If necessary I'll blend it with a sauvignon blanc, another full-bodied wine.  Little corrections can be made.

The Belgian trippel ale is another rich, full-bodied beverage that has just begun to mature enough to enjoy and share.  Ah, that's the key word--share.  It is such a delight to share a bottle with others!  There is a "little communion" that happens when we are all able to enjoy together the fruit of our labors.  That's true for wine or beer making, and for any other enterprise where we give ourselves over for the enjoyment and good of others.  A nice home-cooked meal together, and a shared bottle of wine or beer made by a friend's labors.  Or the enjoyment of a friend's hand-crafted ceramic bowl or painting.  The savoring of a good story, or the gift someone's respectful listening.  The sermon offered by someone who you know cares about you.  It is all so deeply satisfying.  There is divine energy at work there, connecting us together and to the Source.

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