Saturday, May 8, 2010

When Life Intervenes

There's an old saying that we make plans but then life intervenes.  It's not always that bad things happen to our plans, just that often things occur that are unanticipated and call for a change in our plans and expectations.  In my current situation something very nice has occurred that is a renewal of an old plan that I had suspended.  Several years ago I sent a book proposal about leading spiritual guidance groups out to potential publishers along with some sample chapters and a book outline. I got a polite rejection from one publisher, no response from another despite one of their regular authors recommendation on my behalf, and then sent it to a third and received what seemed to be sketchy possible interest but the company was going through major reorganization. I then turned my attention to other interests and have only done a little here and there in continued writing for that book.

Last week I received an unexpected message that the third publisher's editorial and marketing review group is pleased with the proposal and is interested in publishing the book. However, since this may be part of a series of books through Spiritual Directors International they will need to get the nod from that organization. So while it is still pending, there is a possibility that book project is now coming of age! That is an exciting prospect and I am giving priority to getting back to work on the draft of that book. However, that also means that I am writing less in other areas--including this blog. Rather than just feel guilty because I'm not writing "enough" I'd like to turn this into an invitation to you, dear spiritual companions...

I would like to invite you who visit this blog to start conversations here with topics related to spirituality that are of interest to you. I'd love to respond to them and invite others to add their own pieces of wisdom as well. Is this something you would be interested in doing?  Anyone can make a comment currently to any of the blog postings. But if you would like to start a new topic please let me know at

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