Wednesday, December 23, 2009


One of my regular daily practices is to go out to my back yard, weather permitting, and do some tai chi and qigong routines.  Chi/Qi has an elusive meaning but it refers to "energy" or "spirit."  And I do find these exercises both refreshing physically and also spiritually.  It feels like a contemplative dance or wordless prayer in motion where the Spirit is my partner.  It seems like every time I go out to do this practice I see one or two little neighborhood hummingbirds.  I just love seeing them!  Today, in the midst of my routines a white dove came by and stayed on the roof of a shed in our backyard just a few feet away from me.  I was just thrilled.  I whispered to it that I would dance for it.  Later it left and the neon green, black, red, and yellow hummingbird came shimmering by for a visit.  God is present in all that is but sometimes it is easier than in other moments to see, and be aware, and be delighted.  I hope someday to always be alert to those visitations.  This life is a gift, and God puts so many good things in our path to see and enjoy.  Merry Christmas, happy holy-days, everyone!

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Daniel said...

I received this comment on my Facebook messages from an old friend from our seminary student years, Rick Stevens. Rick's sense of humor is still as sharp and grounded as ever:

Enjoyed your bird reflection. Reminded me of a story.
Years ago I was walking out doors after a job interview. A robin was perched on a bough. Impatient, I asked God for a sign about the job. I wanted a sign. At that very moment, the robin alit from the branch, flew over my head, and discharged its bowels.
I did not get the job. I did buy a new hat. And I have been reluctant since to ask God for signs.
I learned patience, acceptance, and a healthy distrust of spiritual messengers.
(True story. One of those things that seems to only happen to me. Memory tells me the bird ruined my "lucky" hat.)

I bet others of you have bird encounter stories you'd like to tell too! Feel free to share them with us.